Project Descriptions - 2008-2009

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LEAD - Leading our education by applauding diverse learners Oxford's Conflic Resolution Revolution Hates Crimes, Homophobia, and Human Rights
Baddeck Academy Peace Lessons Artfully Managing Your Responses Keeping Our Children Safe:  "The Whole Village"
Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP) Lunch Time Anti-Violence Activities Reading is the Ribbon that Ties Us Together
Peace Education Peace Beat Safe School Squad
Promotion of Prosocial Behaviours    

LEAD - Leading our education by applauding diverse learners

School:  Robert K. Turner Elementary
Board:  HRSB
Project Leader:  Mamoona Brace

The LEAD program aspires to create student recognition assemblies that are a forum for applauding uniqueness, compassion, global awareness, talent, and academic excellence – all qualities that support leadership.  Each month, teachers nominate students to the school LEAD Team amidst an atmosphere of celebration and support.  Greeting school visitors, leading school clean-ups and assemblies are just a few of the LEAD team responsibilities.

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Oxford's Conflict Resolution Revolution

School:  Oxford School
Board:  HRSB
Project Leader:  Joe Morrison

Oxford School recognizes that a sense of physical safety and psychological security is critical to successful learning for all students.  Oxford wants to see all its students P-9 lean specific pro-social and conflict resolution skills.

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Hates Crimes, Homophobia and Human Rigths

School:  Yarmouth Central School
Board:  TCRSB
Project Leader:  Darren Cummings

This project will research Homophobia and violence as a result of hate in junior and senior high.  It will help students and staff define homophobia and offer strategies to combat it, thus making the school environment more safe for GLST students.

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Baddeck Academy Peace Lessons

School:  Baddeck Academy
Board:  CBVRSB
Project Leader:  Barbara MacDonald

Baddeck Academy’s A Peaceful Place program will be a violence prevention program that will directly impact all elementary students by providing valuable education experiences in small group settings to prevent youth violence and improve interpersonal behavior.

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Artfully Managing Your Responses

School:  St. Andrew Jr. School
Board:  SRSB
Project Leader:  Theresa MacNeil

An art based anger management program offered as an interagency initiative, that reviews anger management techniques through art activities and incorporates interactive activities.  Focusing on youth gr. 5-8, 15 techniques for managing anger – 10 students per group.

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Keeping Our Children Safe:  "The Whole Village"

School:  Peaceful Schools International
Board:  AVRSB
Project Leader:  Hetty Van Gurp

Publish a children’s book entitled “Sam Takes A Stand” to give children practical, effective strategies to use when confronted by mistreatment by peers.

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Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP)

School:  Eastern Passage Education Centre
Board:  HRSB
Project Leader:  Ian Clark

The Olweus Bullying Prevention program is the most researched bullying prevention program available today.  The goals of the program are to reduce existing bullying problems, prevent new ones, and achieve better peer relations.  This is done through components delivered a school-wide, classroom and individual levels.

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Lunch Time Anti-Violence Activities

School:  Dartmouth High School
Board:  HRSB
Project Leader:  Eartha Monard

A games room would encourage many students to stay at school over the noon hour, thus decreasing the possibility of bullying and intimidation, drug-use, drug trafficking, physical confrontations, shoplifting, tobacco use, etc.  We are looking to encourage team work and camaraderie among students as well as promoting physically active living.

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Reading is the Ribbon that Ties Us Together

School:  Atlantic View Elementary School
Board:  HRSB
Project Leader:  Diane Lachowiez

A diverse collection of literacy resources, music and videos promotes a deeper understanding of students’ place in the global community and the importance of peace, understanding and respect.

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Peace Education

School:  Fairview Heights Elementary
Board:  HRSB
Project Leader:  Tara Tracey

To enhance Fairview Heights’ anti-violence and peace education initiatives through the purchase of educational resources, including videos, games, posters and school packs.

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Peace Beat

School:  St. Stephen’s School
Board:   HRSB
Project Leader:  Frances Waterman-O'Connell

We plan to institute a drumming club that will have both a profound and lasting impact on our school milieu.  We have invited Dr. Henry Bishop to be the instructor of the African Drumming Program.  He will provide an opportunity for a group of students to learn African Drumming through a program call DrumInspire.

Pine Ridge Middle School – AVRSB – Kingston

A Safe School Squad is being initiated with grade eight students to work on the following:

  • Completing a school-wide anti-bullying pledge
  • Giving presentations to every class to discuss an anti-bullying campaign
  • Providing extra support during recess and lunch
  • Providing leadership on the buses travelling to and from school

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Safe School Squad

School:  Pine Ridge Middle School
Board:  AVRSB
Project Leader:  Kim Nelson

Square with walkie-talkies.

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Promotion of Prosocial Behaviours

School:  Shipyard Elementary School
Board:  CBVRSB
Project Leader:  Betty Melanson

The Second Step Violence Prevention Program offers a unique approach by emphasizing a pro-active approach to non-violence by encouraging student to get connected with their school.

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