Project Descriptions - 2010-2011

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Project Peace Creating a Culture of Character Project Safe Space
LOVE at Citadel High The Sustainable Peace Garden for New Minas Elementary Holocaust Education Week Workshop

Project Peace

School:  Cumberland North Academy
Board:  CCRSB
Project Leader:  Kathy MacLean

Cumberland North Academy students will partner with EMPRA to learn about other cultures and promote peace. 

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Creating a Culture of Character

School:  Saltsprings Elementary School
Board:  CCRSB
Project Leader:  Kelley MacDonald

We will implement the five strategies of The Virtues Project in our school community.  This holistic program gives educators and parents the tools to help create a culture of character.  The five strategies can be easily integrated into the curriculum and the disciplinary system.

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Project Safe Space

School:  Glace Bay High
Board:  CBVRSB
Project Leader:  Margot O'Leary

Design a space in the school with decoration (art work of students), furnishings and programs that encourage students to feel welcome and to promote acceptance for diversity.

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LOVE at Citadel High

School:  Citadel High School
Board:  HRSB
Project Leader:  Rima Majaess

Our school will partner with LOVE (Leave Out ViolencE – a local violence prevention and intervention organization to help ensure that strong, young leaders are ready to take on challenges in their own lives and in their communities.  By addressing the cycle of violence with youth victims, witnesses, and perpetrators of violence, and supporting them to be leaders and educators in our communities, LOVE will be engaging in violence prevention and community capacity building in their most strategic forms.  Their positive psychology model helps youth to build self-esteem and fosters resiliency by teaching each youth to recognize and use their personal strengths.

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Sustainable Peace Garden

School:  New Minas Elementary
Board:  AVRSB
Project Leaders:  Sheila Mills and Jenn Richards

The goal of this project would be to create a Peaceful Garden which would provide a visible reminder of peace and useful learning space where our school-wide values can be promoted and practiced.  This project has the potential to be of great benefit to our school and community groups who support our Peaceful School initiatives that provide many academic, emotional and social learning opportunities for our students.

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Holocaust Education Week Workshop

School:  Greenfield Elementary
Board:  CBVRSB
Project Leader:  Diane Lewis

Nov. 2011 will be the first Holocaust Education Week that is provincial and we are planning a number of events to mark the occasion.  We are bringing in Linda Hooper from the Emmy nominated film the Paper Clips.  We would like the Sheonoroil funding to provide a copy of the book and DVD for all schools who participate in the Paper Clips Workshop. 

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