About Us

Each year the Sheonoroil Foundation helps teachers turn bright ideas into useful practical anti-violence programs that have a direct and immediate impact on students, teachers/faculty, staff, administration and the community within public schools. 

The Sheonoroil Foundation is a federally registered charitable organization, allowing the generosity of patrons to be credited for income tax purposes.

Peace with Honour

To define its objectives as an avenue for research and a repository for studies on violence in public schools, The Foundation searched Nova Scotia’s famed Celtic origins.

Out of its renowned cultural diversity, it selected Sheonoroil, a modified, phonetic Gaelic title describing “Peace with Honour.” It is a most suitable inscription and description of the Foundation and its purpose.

Sheonoroil is an indelible link between students and teachers threatened by violence and those who choose to eliminate violence in all of its many forms.

As an appropriate illustration of its purpose and principle, the Foundation chose the Dove of Peace. In keeping with Celtic tradition, it is rendered as it might have appeared in the Book of Kells, a Latin text of the early Testaments of Christianity. This priceless, illuminated work, so richly decorated by Celtic monks in A.D. 800, is now preserved at Trinity College, Dublin.

A Celtic knot representing a stylized Dove of Peace in flight forms the basis of our logo.

Sheonoroil Foundation, and its Dove of Peace, provide a credible presence for research, inquiry, intervention, writing and the distribution of publications on violence. A topic as timeless as history itself.