Project Descriptions - 2020-2021

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Youth for Peace/Art for Understanding Project Skateboard

Youth for Peace/Art for Understanding

School:  Cyrus Eaton Elementary School
Board:  CCRCE
Project Coordinator:  Louise Cloutier

Art is bursting forth from the hallowed halls of schools and museums and spilling out onto the streets of Pugwash!  The Pugwash Open Air Gallery, a new, permanent art installation created by Communities in Bloom, calls upon local youth to create public art that demonstrates an understanding of belonging and sense of place in a village renowned for Peace.

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Project Skateboard

School:  Dr JC Wickwire Academy

Board: SSRCE

Project Coordinator: Isaac Rafuse, Chris Kaulback, Adam Leuschner

Project Skateboard has given Dr J.C. Wickwire Academy a program that engages over 200 students.  The project was initially targeted at marginalized students (behavior challenges, anxiety, self-regulation and social economic implications) however we have continued to expand the program to meet the growing interest of the students.

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