Our Organizational Principles

The Sheonoroil Foundation has set down exacting principles to manage its mandate.

The original purpose of Sheonoroil remains unchanged:  to address violence in public schools (Primary to 12).  It permits the Foundation to serve the interest of students, teachers, parents and communities throughout Nova Scotia.

To achieve its principles, the Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors appointed by the Nova Scotia Teachers Union.  Its mission is to act in cooperation with individual, education, community and government resources who will be encouraged to regularly advise the foundation on its policies and program.

Practising teachers will have representation that gives them a voice in matters under deliberation to determine directions, policies and program of Sheonoroil.

Funding to support the Foundation comes through the generosity of supportive individual and organizational patron contributions.  Several years, ago, following extensive selection guideline requirements, Sheonoroil was granted status as a registered charity by the federal government.

As part of its organizational commitment, the Foundation provides an Annual Report including an audited financial statement for members of the Nova Scotia Teacher Union and its esteemed patrons.

Sheonoroil Foundation - Board of Directors (Trustees)


  • There shall be six (6) persons appointed as Trustees for terms of three (3) years, with one such Trustee to be a Retired Teachers’ Organization member, and the remaining five (5) Trustees to be active members; and
  • One (1) additional member from the Provincial Executive for a term of two (2) years, with one (1) year renewable.


  • Steve Brooks, Chair, Executive Director, NSTU
  • Shelley Morse (Retired)
  • Kerry Doucette, Colchester-East Hants Local, 2022
  • Elizabeth Kyle, Halifax City Local, 2022
  • Scott Murchison, Cape Breton Local, 2024
  • Jenn Barro Ralph, Dartmouth Local, 2024
  • Sharon Midwinter, Provincial Exectuive Member, 2023
  • Paul Wozney, President NSTU
  • Pam Langille, Executive Staff Officer NSTU