Project Descriptions - 2017-2018

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SHS Game Room Portable Outdoor Classroom@EBC Printmaking for Peace: The Next Generation

SHS Game Room

School:  Springhill Junior High School
Board:  CCRCE
Project Coordinator:  Holly Aleck

Creation of a game room in the school (SHS) to be used as a reward and incentive for good behaviour.

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Portable Outdoor Classroom@EBC 

School:  EB Chandler Junior High School
Board: CCRCE
Project Coordinator: Sherri Beed 

A peaceful school starts with peaceful students.  What could be more peaceful than reading a book in the sunshine?  A portable classroom would give this experience to EB Chandler Junior High School Students.

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Printmaking for Peace: The Next Generation

School:  St. Stephen’s Elementary
Board: HRCE
Project Coordinator: Kelly Dodge 

As classroom teachers with art education backgrounds, we will offer basic printmaking workshops to our grade 3 and 4 students.  When skills and relationships build, the printmaking will become more involved.  The year-end goal will be for students to consider and create peace logos or messages to print on t-shirts.  These t-shirts, the message behind them, and student learning will be presented to the school population at an assembly.

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